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Easy to cut watermelon treats!

Watermelon is arguably the best summer fruit around. There is nothing like the sweet, juicy flavor of watermelon to cool you down in the heat and really make it feel like summertime! But while we love watermelon, watermelon doesn’t always love us. Serving watermelon in traditional slices might seem like a no-brainer – but trying to bite into those slices? Easier said than done. You usually end up making a mess, with watermelon juice all over your face and clothes. This summer, try this amazingly simple way to slice and serve watermelon instead!

No need for napkin bibs here, folks. Not when you have easy-to-eat watermelon sticks!

The trick to cutting up your watermelon in this mess-free way is simple, and we’re going to break it down below.

STEP 1: Cut the watermelon horizontally instead of vertically. You’ll be cutting it hamburger-style, if you will. STEP 2: Take one half of your watermelon and cut it into slices going one direction. STEP 3: Then, while carefully keeping the slices together, slice the watermelon in the other direction so you have little squares.

Once you’re finished slicing, you can chow down on refreshing sticks of watermelon instead of messy slices! These sticks are simple to eat, don’t make a mess, and look adorable when served on a platter or on festive skewers.

Make sure to try this technique for your upcoming summer parties!


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