Bloom's Baking House and Restaurant Outs


Bloom's Baking House and Something New Studio bring you our next show, March 27th at Bloom's. The Mother Goose MURDER! Saturday, March 27th (Doors Open 5:45pm)

March Dinner Show at Bloom's

The Mother Goose MURDER - Saturday, March 27th 

Bloom's Restaurant, Leesburg FL

This is the Real Story of Happily Never After...

At the 20 year reunion of Gooseland High School, Mother Goose has called a sparked a conversation among her top nursery rhyme characters in order to figure out how they become more relevant in today’s society. Netflix, social media, and Zoom ‘distance learning’ have all taken a toll on our beloved nursery rhyme characters.

They are older, forgotten and have all had their fair share of ‘life experiences’ since we have last thought of them. Tonight, while reliving memories of the past, they hope to discover how to return the mainstream; but, instead of “merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream,” one well known character won’t be “put back together again” as they will end up DEAD. 

In this mystery we learn that the world of Mother Goose is not as simple as we hear as children and that the world of Mother Goose may be far more darkly intertwined than we thought as children.


Join Mother Goose, Jack B. Nimble, Little Miss Muffet, Little Boy Blue, Jill and Old MacDonald for an evening of business... and MURDER.