Bloom’s Baking House began, in the country, on a dirt road in Michigan, in 1983. It started as a cake decorating business and slowly grew into creating pies, cookies and breads.

It was not uncommon to find my table lined with 14 pies, 15 cakes and assorted cookies all pre-ordered waiting for pickup. As time passed it progressed into catering.

I stopped baking, for others , when I home schooled our three children and took over running my husbands construction office. But during that time I would dream of one day starting Bloom’s Baking House back up and expand by turning our country home into a bed & breakfast. I had the sign all designed to read Bloom’s Baking House & Inn.

In 2004 my husband was offered a job in Florida and I left my dream behind. I tried working in an office in Leesburg, but found I was happiest when I would create wonderful desserts and meals for other people.

And now, here we are in 2012 opening a restaurant. It’s not a bed & breakfast, but it’s a wonderful opportunity and I can’t wait to cook for people that love to eat.

Good, quality, home-made food is how my little business got started on that dirt road so many years ago. And that same quality and home-made goodness is what I want to continue right here in the Historic District of Downtown Leesburg.

Order birthday cakes, tailgating cakes, anniversary party cakes, cakes for special events and gatherings from Bloom's Baking House and Restaurant. We customize cakes to your specifications. No big box store will customize like we do at Bloom's!